Late Night Antique Limax: Preventing Awkward Behavior Since 2009

Picture this: it’s late on a Friday night, and you’re out on the town, dressed to impress. You’re schmoozing, entertaining your friends, having a laugh. Suddenly, someone tells a bad joke. It’s not a horrible joke, per se, it was just, you know, the delivery, the timing… the way they chuckled meekly at the end while everyone stared on or lifted a questioning eyebrow. Worse yet, the person telling the joke is somebody’s random friend… not even anyone you felt like hanging out with.

Talk about awkward.

Now, imagine the joke teller WAS YOU.

You know who thought your joke wasn't funny? THEM.

A sobering thought, indeed. Well, how about we prevent this hypothetical situation, and for the amazing price of FREE? At Antique Limax, we specialize in not being awkward, and entertaining masses of people we’ve never met. Don’t let social pressure and poor comedy skills hurt your chances at meaningful relationships!

Bring all of your Friday night friends to our show! Wouldn’t you rather see a bunch of improvisers making stuff up to entertain you, while you sit safe and amused in the darkness and comfort of the audience?

Here’s your chance to fill your Friday night with something other than the risk of embarrassment!

We perform on Friday, October 2, at 11:30 pm at the Coldtowne Theater. Be there – or start practicing your jokes, man. I was there last Friday. It wasn’t funny… and everyone who left right afterward didn’t actually have “work in the morning.”

2 Responses to “Late Night Antique Limax: Preventing Awkward Behavior Since 2009”

  1. Sarah Says:

    this has Ousama written all over it.

  2. Jacob Says:

    That was intriguing. This joke will make anyone laugh:

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