Mondays just got awesome



Come see some of the greatest Austin improv acts for FREE every Monday at our favorite venue, Kick Butt Coffee. Come, relax, read, drink coffee, and laugh your ass off at Austin’s best new coffee shop.

The Monday Night Mash has been our lifeline in sharing our fun with audiences week after week. Check out their new website, for upcoming shows and dates, and don’t forget to tell your friends.

Cagematch Champions!



Antique Limax has entered the halls of Austin Improv Vahalla. A special thanks to everyone who’s supported us since we started this group. It’s been a tough, uphill climb, but worth every second.

Another special thanks goes to Coldtowne for giving us to opportunity to compete with such great talent. Come see all the awesome acts that participated in this tough, tough tournament – The Perfect Banana, Unfurled, Werewolf Birthday, Race Card, and more.

And although they’re not shown in the pictures, it was the clutch effort of Rob Mullenix who got us past the first round, and Ousama Itani who pushed us past the second so that we can wrap it up in the finals.

cagematch final date



Saturday, September 27th @ 9 pm
Coldtowne Theatre

Check our schedule for more details.

The stage is set and we’re ready to rumble.

You can see us!



Come check out our new images and video pages.

we’ll be back



We’ve had a pretty long campaign of shows as of late, so we’re taking a brief hiatus to regroup. Don’t worry though, as soon as we get updates on our upcoming shows, including the Cage Match championship, we’ll let you know.