2010 Reasons to Attend Antique Limax Shows



1.) They’re super convenient! For example, we’ve got a show at the Hideout in downtown Austin on Thursday, Jan. 14th that will cost you only $3.00 and is pretty much on every bus route you can think of.

2.) They’re often free! Did you know we’re booked to host (and perform at) the Monday Night Mash on Jan. 25th? That’s at the Coldtowne Theater and entirely free to attend.

3.) We’ve got a new member! Say hi to a picture of Zach Pettichord, our latest recruit. Zach has a theatre background but he’s got the fedora-channeled gravitas to hold his own in the improv comedy world!

… [2005 reasons were omitted here for brevity. -Ed.] …

2009.) You’ll have fun! Not sure why we waited till the end of the list to mention that.

2010.) It’s part of your new year’s resolution. What? You didn’t know about that? Yeah, we tweaked it for you.

Late Night Antique Limax: Preventing Awkward Behavior Since 2009



Picture this: it’s late on a Friday night, and you’re out on the town, dressed to impress. You’re schmoozing, entertaining your friends, having a laugh. Suddenly, someone tells a bad joke. It’s not a horrible joke, per se, it was just, you know, the delivery, the timing… the way they chuckled meekly at the end while everyone stared on or lifted a questioning eyebrow. Worse yet, the person telling the joke is somebody’s random friend… not even anyone you felt like hanging out with.

Talk about awkward.

Now, imagine the joke teller WAS YOU.

You know who thought your joke wasn't funny? THEM.

A sobering thought, indeed. Well, how about we prevent this hypothetical situation, and for the amazing price of FREE? At Antique Limax, we specialize in not being awkward, and entertaining masses of people we’ve never met. Don’t let social pressure and poor comedy skills hurt your chances at meaningful relationships!

Bring all of your Friday night friends to our show! Wouldn’t you rather see a bunch of improvisers making stuff up to entertain you, while you sit safe and amused in the darkness and comfort of the audience?

Here’s your chance to fill your Friday night with something other than the risk of embarrassment!

We perform on Friday, October 2, at 11:30 pm at the Coldtowne Theater. Be there – or start practicing your jokes, man. I was there last Friday. It wasn’t funny… and everyone who left right afterward didn’t actually have “work in the morning.”

Happy Slugs Return from Capistrano Day!



As everyone knows, slugs spend their winters in beautiful Capistrano. Every year on May 28, the world celebrates the return of our beloved mascot to porches and yards everywhere!

So leave a treat out and avoid mowing the lawn for a few days. Let ‘em get settled in nice and cozy.

A Friendly Limax Extends Greetings

A Friendly Limax Extends Greetings

Monday Night Mash – the 2nd coming!



Come see the ressurection of the funniest show on Garfield’s worst day – The Monday Night Mash.

Now showing at Coldtowne Theatre on Mondays at 8 pm!!!

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Our Man Alex Takes Home Another Cagematch Win



In a dramatic turn of events, our own Limaxer Alex Biacsi competed in and won a second Coldtowne Cagematch Saturday night as part of The Twelve Inch Integrity. The final battle between The TII and their bombastic rivals F*** You! brought an end to the weeks-long latest edition of the Cagematch: “Plagues of the Beast.” You may recall Antique Limax added our name to the coveted trophy in September of 2008.

The final night of the Cagematch was played before a packed house. The Cage ignited as F*** You! performed first and spun a hilarious tale of murder, debauchery, and the old folks’ black market. The Twelve Inch Integrity followed with a fast-paced montage depicting the emotional trauma/emptiness of robots. In the end the vote came through and The TII held aloft the coveted Cagematch Trophy!

Huge congratulations to Alex and to both troupes on their fantastic shows, and once again, our thanks to Coldtowne for supporting and encouraging new improv!

Alex Basks in the Cage’s Glow

Alex Basks in the Cage’s Glow